Copy Services

SEAA provides copy services for patrons seeking reproductions of drawings and photographs. We no longer provide photocopies, instead, researchers may take flash-free photographs while visiting the archive.

Copies and digital images are granted for personal use only and solely for research purposes, not for reproduction. Possession of images does not convey reproduction rights. SEAA reserves the right to refuse a copy or reproduction request if, in its opinion, fulfilling the request may violate copyright law, or the requested material is too fragile for reproduction. Staff will let you know if reproduction is possible. It is best to consult with sources such as the Library of Congress Copyright Office's "Copyright Claims in Architectural Works" in order to understand protections and limitations.

Copy/Scanning Fees

Drawings (2 - 4 weeks, excluding weekends & holidays): 

  • Large-format bond copies, $100 service fee; $25 per sheet (full-size copies only, no reduced/enlarged copies made)

Photographs (4 - 6 weeks, excluding weekends & holidays):

  • $30 per scan. Scanned at 300 ppi in JPEG. Up to 11" x 16"

Direct requests for reproduction by email to: Kevin Williams, Archivist,