Table of Finding Aids

Title Collection Number PDF
Rowe, Charles J. Office Records 177 PDF icon 177 Charles J. Rowe Office Records.pdf
Spangenberg, Leonard Reese, Jr. Office Records 176 PDF icon 176 OFFSITE. Leonard Reese Spangenberg, Jr. Office Records. OFFSITE. DO NOT MAKE PUBLIC.pdf
Scheuermann, Milton G. Jr. Office Records 187 PDF icon 187 Milton G. Scheuermann, Jr. Office Records.pdf
Seghers, Guy Office Records 41 PDF icon 41 Guy Seghers Office Records.pdf
Tsoi, Edward M.Y. Office Records 186 PDF icon 186 Edward M.Y. Tsoi Office Records.pdf
AIA New Orleans Chapter Women's Auxiliary Records 108 PDF icon 108 AIA N.O. Women's Auxiliary Records.pdf
Caldwell, Donald H. Office Records 171 PDF icon 171 Donald H. Caldwell Office Records.pdf
Owen, Allison Sr. Drawings 107 PDF icon 107 Allison Owen, Sr. Drawings.pdf
Mississippi River Maps 121 PDF icon 121 Mississippi River Maps.pdf
Turner, William K. Office Records 111 PDF icon 111 William K. Turner Office Records.pdf
Lilienthal, Theodore New Orleans Photographs (copies) 20 PDF icon 20 Theodore Lilienthal New Orleans Photographs (copies).pdf
Eskew, R. Allen Material 135 PDF icon 135 R. Allen Eskew Material.pdf
Perez Associates 1984 Louisiana World Exposition Records 86 PDF icon 86 Perez Associates 1984 Louisiana World Exposition Records.pdf
Europe Architecture Prints and Drawings 103 PDF icon 103 Europe Architecture Prints and Drawings.pdf
Louisiana Architecture Photographs 97 PDF icon 97 Louisiana Architecture Photographs.pdf
Louisiana Architecture Prints 96 PDF icon 96 Louisiana Architecture Prints.pdf
Louisiana Architecture Drawings 95 PDF icon 95 Louisiana Architecture Drawings.pdf
Langermann and Celles Fire Insurance Atlases 122 PDF icon 122 Langermann and Celles Fire Insurance Atlases.pdf
Braun New Orleans Fire Insurance Atlases 123 PDF icon 123 Braun New Orleans Fire Insurance Atlases.pdf
Robinson New Orleans Fire Insurance Atlas 124 PDF icon 124 Robinson New Orleans Fire Insurance Atlas.pdf
Sanborn Fire Insurance Maps 125 PDF icon 125 Sanborn Fire Insurance Maps.pdf
Labrot, Sylvester Jr. Collection 1 PDF icon 1 Sylvester Labrot, Jr. Collection.pdf
Garden Library of the New Orleans Town Gardeners 145 PDF icon 145 Garden Library of the New Orleans Town Gardeners.pdf
Denman, Philip M. Photographs 17 PDF icon 17 Philip M. Denman Photographs.pdf
Williams, William C. and Brother Office Records 37 PDF icon 37 William C. Williams and Brother Office Records version 2.pdf
Freret, James Office Records 147 PDF icon 147 James Freret Office Records.pdf
Cizek, Eugene D. Office Records 182 PDF icon 182 Eugene D. Cizek Office Records.pdf
Louisiana Architecture Building Specifications 92 PDF icon 92 Louisiana Architecture Building Specifications.pdf
Geiser, John III Papers 90 PDF icon 90 John Geiser, III Papers.pdf
Architectural Trade Catalogs 89 PDF icon 89 Architectural Trade Catalogs.pdf
Baird, Harry W. Drawings 88 PDF icon 88 Harry W. Baird Drawings.pdf
San Francisco Plantation House Measured Drawings 87 PDF icon 87 San Fransicso Plantation House Measured Drawings.pdf
Koch, Richard Papers and Photographs 80 PDF icon 80 Richard Koch Papers and Photographs.pdf
Thompson, Ray Collection of Louisiana Architecture Photographs 67 PDF icon 67 Ray Thompson Collection of Louisiana Architecture Photographs.pdf
Goldstein, Moise H. Office Records 4 PDF icon 4 Moise H. Goldstein Office Records.pdf
Toledano, Wogan, and Bernard Office Records 49 PDF icon 49 Toledano, Wogan, and Bernard Office Records.pdf
American Institute of Architects-New Orleans Chapter Records 47 PDF icon 47 A.I.A. New Orleans Chapter Records.pdf
Andry and Feitel Office Records 43 PDF icon 43 Andry and Feitel Office Records.pdf
Weiblen, Albert Marble and Granite Company Office Records 39 PDF icon 39 Albert Weiblen Marble and Granite Company Office Records.pdf
Stone, Sam, Jr. Office Records 85 PDF icon 85 Sam Stone, Jr. Office Records.pdf
Lamantia, James R., Jr. Office Records and Collection 84 PDF icon 84 James R. Lamantia, Jr. Office Records and Collection.pdf
Zuber, Jean, et. al. Wallpaper 83 PDF icon 83 Jean Zuber, et. al. Wallpaper.pdf
Weil, Emile Office Records 82 PDF icon 82 Emile Weil Office Records.pdf
Piazza D'Italia Area Survey 72 PDF icon 72 Piazza D Italia Area Survey.pdf
Hertzberg, Rudolf Louisiana Architecture Photographs 79 PDF icon 79 Rudolf Hertzberg Louisiana Architecture Photographs.pdf
Keenan, Walter Cook New Orleans Architecture Photographs 78 PDF icon 78 Walter Cook Keenan New Orleans Architecture Photographs.pdf
Whitney, Morgan Louisiana Architecture Photographs 69 PDF icon 69 Morgan Whitney Louisiana Architecture Photographs.pdf
Orleans Parish Landmarks Commission Records 65 PDF icon 65 Orleans Parish Landmarks Commission Records.pdf
Louisiana Plantation Photographs (Shell Oil Company, Sponsor) 64 PDF icon 64 Louisiana Plantation Photographs (Shell Oil Company, Sponsor).pdf
Town, A. Hays Office Records 61 PDF icon 61 A. Hays Town Office Records.pdf
Verges, Ernest E. and Associates Office Records 60 PDF icon 60 Ernest E. Verges and Associates Office Records.pdf
Tulane School of Architecture Drawings and Photographs 59 PDF icon 59 Tulane School of Architecture Drawings and Photographs.pdf
Bordelon, Eloi Office Records 58 PDF icon 58 Eloi Bordelon Office Records.pdf
Concordia Architects Drawings 57 PDF icon 57 Concordia Architects Drawings.pdf
Silverstein, Edward B. Associates Office Records 56 PDF icon 56 Edward B Silverstein Associates Office Records.pdf
Geiser, John, Incorporated Office Records 55 PDF icon 55 John Geiser, Incorporated Office Records.pdf
Weiss, Dreyfous, and Seiferth Office Records 53 PDF icon 53 Weiss, Dreyfous, and Seiferth Office Records.pdf
Nolan, William T. Office Records 52 PDF icon 52 William T. Nolan Office Records.pdf
Blattman Sheet Metal Works, Incorporated Office Records 51 PDF icon 51 Blattman Sheet Metal Works, Incorporated Office Records.pdf
St. Charles Avenue Association Records 48 PDF icon 48 St. Charles Avenue Association Records.pdf
Audubon Park Drawings 46 PDF icon 46 Audubon Park Drawings.pdf
Gandolfo, Henri Papers 45 PDF icon 45 Henri Gandolfo Papers.pdf
Benson and Riehl Office Records 44 PDF icon 44 Benson and Riehl Office Records.pdf
Burk, William R. Office Records 42 PDF icon 42 William R. Burk Office Records.pdf
Freret and Wolf Office Records 40 PDF icon 40 Freret and Wolf Office Records.pdf
Dufrechou, Leon Francis Office Records 174 PDF icon 174 Leon Francis Dufrechou Office Records.pdf
Louisiana Landmarks Society Records and Collection 38 PDF icon 38 Louisiana Landmarks Society Records and Collection.pdf
Williams, C. Milo Photographs 149 PDF icon 149 C. Milo Williams Photographs.pdf
DeBuys, Rathbone Office Records 35 PDF icon 35 Rathbone DeBuys Office Records.pdf
Campbell, Marie Pilkington Collection 32 PDF icon 32 Marie Pilkington Campbell Collection.pdf
Levy, Emilio Drawings and Photographs 31 PDF icon 31 Emilio Levy Drawings and Photographs.pdf
Hay, Alexander Office Records 30 PDF icon 30 Alexander Hay Office Records.pdf
Mills, Robert Papers 28 PDF icon 28 Robert Mills Papers.pdf
Wright, Frank Lloyd Material 27 PDF icon 27 Frank Lloyd Wright Material.pdf
Laughlin, Clarence John Photographs 26 PDF icon 26 Clarence John Laughlin Photographs.pdf
Curtis, Nathaniel C., Jr. Drawings 24 PDF icon 24 Nathaniel C. Curtis, Jr. Drawings.pdf
Schenker, Robert L. Office Records 22 PDF icon 22 Robert L. Schenker Office Records.pdf
Wiedorn, William S. Office Records 21 PDF icon 21 William S. Wiedorn Office Records.pdf
Roach, Philip H., Jr. Office Records 19 PDF icon 19 Philip H. Roach Jr. Office Records.pdf
Sporl, E. F. Office Records 15 PDF icon 15 E. F. Sporl Office Records.pdf
Burton, H.L. Office Records 14 PDF icon 14 H.L. Burton Office Records.pdf
Historic American Buildings Survey - Louisiana Division Records 13 PDF icon 13 HABS-Louisiana Division Records.pdf
Louisiana Historic Sites Material 12 PDF icon 12 Louisiana Historic Sites Material.pdf
Torre, Peter Papers 11 PDF icon 11 Peter Torre, Jr. Papers.pdf
Wolters and Harrod Boston Club Drawings 10 PDF icon 10 Wolters and Harrod Boston Club Drawings.pdf
Sully, Thomas Office Records 8 PDF icon 8 Thomas Sully Office Records.pdf
Moses, Harry L. Office Records 6 PDF icon 6 Harry L. Moses Office Records.pdf
Dunn, Grace Drawings 7 PDF icon 7 Grace Dunn Drawings.pdf
Goldstein, Louis A. Office Records 5 PDF icon 5 Louis A. Goldstein Office Records.pdf
Koch and Wilson Office Records 3 PDF icon 3 Koch and Wilson Office Records.pdf
Wilson, Samuel Jr. Papers 2 PDF icon 2 Samuel Wilson, Jr. Papers.pdf
Charbonnet, Paul G. Jr. Office Records 173 PDF icon 173 Paul G. Charbonnet, Jr. Office Records.pdf
Miscellaneous Drawings 155 PDF icon 155 Miscellaneous Drawings.pdf
Miscellaneous Photographs 152 PDF icon 152 Miscellaneous Photographs.pdf
Toledano and Reusch Office Records 128 PDF icon 128 Toledano and Reusch Office Records.pdf
Singer, Maurice Office Records 136 PDF icon 136 Maurice Singer Office Records.pdf
Settoon, Nelvil Office Records 166 PDF icon 166 Nelvil Settoon Office Records.pdf
Saunders, George A. Office Records 172 PDF icon 172 George A. Saunders Office Records.pdf
Wagner, Fred Office Records 180 PDF icon 180 Fred Wagner Office Records.pdf
Rock and Galloway Office Records 168 PDF icon 168 Rock and Galloway Office Records.pdf
Ricciuti, I. William Office Records 163 PDF icon 163 I. William Ricciuti Office Records.pdf
Perez, August and Associates Office Records 189 PDF icon 189 August Perez and Associates Office Records.pdf
Owen, Arthur M. Office Records 165 PDF icon 165 Arthur M. Owen Office Records.pdf
New Orleans City Engineer's Office Records 130 PDF icon 130 New Orleans City Engineers Office Records.pdf
New Orleans Churches Drawings 115 PDF icon 115 New Orleans Churches Drawings.pdf
Maxwell and LeBreton Office Records 169 PDF icon 169 Maxwell and LeBreton Office Records.pdf
MacDonnell, Francis J. Office Records 129 PDF icon 129 Francis J. MacDonnell Office Records.pdf
Lyons and Hudson Architects, Limited Office Records 181 PDF icon 181 Lyons and Hudson Architects, Limited Office Records.pdf
Lowrey, Hess, Boudreaux Office Records 170 PDF icon 170 Lowrey, Hess, Boudreaux Office Records.pdf
Lockett, Andrew M. Jr. Office Records 139 PDF icon 139 Andrew M. Lockett, Jr. Office Records.pdf
Lawrence, John W. Office Records 126 PDF icon 126 John W. Lawrence Office Records.pdf
Lane Cotton Mills Material 154 PDF icon 154 Lane Cotton Mills Material.pdf
Labouisse, Samuel Stanhope Office Records 141 PDF icon 141 Samuel Stanhope Labouisse Office Records.pdf
Labouisse, F. Monroe Sr. Office Records 127 PDF icon 127 F. Monroe Labouisse, Sr. Office Records.pdf
Krotzer, Henry Jr. Office Records 118 PDF icon 118 Henry Krotzer Jr. Office Records.pdf
Howard Memorial Library Plans (copies) 142 PDF icon 142 Howard Memorial Library Drawings (copies).pdf
Graveley and Graveley Office Records 151 PDF icon 151 Graveley and Graveley Office Records.pdf
Geiser, Marjorie and John, Jr. Collection 162 PDF icon 162 Marjorie and John Geiser, Jr. Collection.pdf
Fishman, Richard Ironwork Photographs 117 PDF icon 117 Richard Fishman Ironwork Photographs.pdf
Favrot and Livaudais Drawings 120 PDF icon 120 Favrot and Livaudais Drawings.pdf
Dreyfous, F. Julius Drawings 153 PDF icon 153 F. Julius Dreyfous Drawings.pdf
Diboll and Owen, Limited Office Records 134 PDF icon 134 Diboll and Owen, Limited Office Records.pdf
Curtis, Nathaniel C. Sr. Drawings 114 PDF icon 114 Nathaniel C. Curtis Sr. Drawings.pdf
Crawford, John DeMorant and Charles C., Jr. Drawings 131 PDF icon 131 John DeMorant and Charles C., Jr. Crawford Drawings.pdf
Coleman, Howard "Cole" Photographs 110 PDF icon 110 Howard Cole Coleman Photographs.pdf
Curtis and Davis Project Photographs 175 PDF icon 175 Curtis and Davis Project Photographs.pdf
Bruno, Victor Office Records 185 PDF icon 185 Victor Bruno Office Records.pdf
Blitch, J. Buchanan and Associates, Incorporated Office Records 133 PDF icon 133 J. Buchanan Blitch and Associates, Incorporated Office Records.pdf
Barba, Michael New Orleans Doorway Photographs 119 PDF icon 119 Michael Barba New Orleans Doorway Photographs.pdf
Albrizio, Conrad Drawings 132 PDF icon 132 Conrad Albrizio Drawings.pdf
Odiorne, William C. Photographs 16 PDF icon 16 William C. Odiorne Photographs.pdf
Ledner, Albert C. Office Records 179 PDF icon 179 Albert C. Ledner Office Records.pdf
Cazale, Philip P. Office Records 178 PDF icon 178 Philip P. Cazale Office Records.pdf
Kramer, Gerhardt Office Records 167 PDF icon 167 Gerhardt Kramer Office Records.pdf
Thomson, J. Herndon Papers 158 PDF icon 158 J. Herndon Thomson Papers.pdf
Boatner, Frank H. Collection of Louisiana Architecture Photographs 150 PDF icon 150 Frank H. Boatner Collection of Louisiana Architecture Photographs.pdf
Bendernagel, Albert Sr. Office Records and Drawings 138 PDF icon 138 Albert Bendernagel, Sr. Office Records and Drawings.pdf
Tulane University Building Plans 137 PDF icon 137 Tulane University Building Plans.pdf
Shepard, Martin Office Records 109 PDF icon 109 Martin Shepard Office Records.pdf